​​The drinking club with a running problem in the Algarve, Portugal


Hash cash

Deputy RA

Keep alert for this Cock hitting the floor.  Beware the last man standing!!

Song meister

Just Don't call me Shurley

Just don't ask him to sing, he never knows the words, or the tune and will never stop!  Now singalong .......

"Why was he born so beautiful, why was he born at all. He's no ******* use to anyone, he's no ******* at all!!!"

deputy GM

All the Way

This Lancashire Lass will teach you how to behave, and woe betide any naughty students.  She has connections you could be going down!


HaRE RAiser

deputy GM


Hash stats


(Grand mattress)

Comes Now & Then

Does she really??  Rumour has it she comes a lot more than that!!

Make sure you volunteer to be a Hare or she will hunt you down!

Barlick Bitch 

The Coco Chanel of the HHH, she will style you ready for the Catwalk, well for messing about in fields and hills anyway.  Don't volunteer to run with her, she can go for miles and miles and miles!!!!


(Religious Adviser) 

Dog Woman

Chief Beer Trucker and also Hash Cash we rely on DW to keep hold of our Purse strings.  Make sure you pay your €5 euros each week or it's no Food or Beer for you.

King Sir Sir James

This Leg-end of the Hashing World could have been there when the Hash was formed in 1938! If you ask him make sure you speak up, he's a bit mutton, to say the least!!

Breaking Glass

His Hash Name should have been Breaking Rules because that's all he does. He also breaks confidences so never tell him a thing!

Skid Marc 

This smooth legged FRB (Front Running Bastard!) is the one to beat!  Make sure he is obeyed or prepare to  face the consequences!


Our GM and group leader!  Tiny as a little bird she surrounds herself with feathered friends!

Forthcoming Hashes

Monday 30th September - Hare = Just Don't Call Me Shirley's OKTOBERFEST

Venue - Palmeiros, Salir

SUNDAY 6th October - Hare = Methane

Venue = Olhao

Sunday 13th October - Hare = Beep Beep

Venue = Luz area tbc

Sunday 20th October - Hare = Cyclopath

Venue = Bordeira area tbc

Sunday 27th October - MAMAMARATONA

Hare = Comes Now & Then

Venue = Dunes between Quarteira & Vilamoura

Sunday 3rd November - Hare = Nozzle Jockey

Venue = ALfeicao, Loule

​​​Visit our Calendar page for full details

Diesel Dyke

Don't let this quiet, shy, unassuming Harriet fill up your car, she doesn't know the difference between Gasolina & Gasoleo!

​​Algarve Hash House Harriers

SH'I. T.

​​He will tell you how many Hashes you have done and let the whole hash know what a no life, sad person you really are! 


Welcome to the algarve hash house harriers!

we gather on monday evenings in summer (May to September) at 6pm, and sunday afternoons in winter (october to April) at 2pm.

click here to see the full details of where our next hash is being held

Just bring yourself  and €5 and we look forward to meeting you. also bring a receptacle for water to fill from a chilled 5l bottle - in our quest to reduce plastic waste we are no longer buying small bottles of water!

if you could let us know you are coming by filling in our details on our Contact Page or by contacting the Hare whose details can be found by clicking on the entry on the calendar Page, we can make sure we have enough Beer and Food for you.  

Please leave your furry friends at home, two legged participants only.