​The drinking club with a running problem in the Algarve, Portugal

Radar - The Coco Chanel of the HHH, she will style you ready for the Catwalk

song meister

Comes Now & Then - Allegedly!! Volunteer to be the Hare or she will hunt you down


Hash stats

Boobie Doo - This "Lady" will tell all what a sad person you really are

Just Don't call me Shirley - Just don't ask him to sing, he will never stop!!

Hare Razor


Birdwoman - Our GM and group leader

Breaking Glass - His Hash Name should have been Breaking Rules because that's all he does. He also breaks confidences so never tell him a thing

Exoshite - FRB (Front Running Bastard). He/She is the one to be beat

Stretch - the cock. When this cock drops, you better hit the ground. This Stretch has had enough of hitting the dirt so has departed our Hash.  Be Vigilant for it's Pink replacement!!!!


RA backup & frb

RA (religious advisor)

​GM (Grand mattress)

the algarve has beautiful hills, villages, beaches, trails, and beer. joining The algarve hash house harriers lets you experience all this weekly as we walk, run and drink our way through this scenic land. click here to see where our next hash is being held, let us know you are coming, and then show up and be ready for some fun & frivolity. ON ON!

​Algarve Hash House Harriers