Barlick Bitch - The Coco Chanel of the HHH, she will style you ready for the Catwalk, well for messing about in fields and hills anyway.  Don't volunteer to run with her, she can go for miles and miles and miles!!!!

Deputy deputy gm

Boobie Doo - This "Lady" will tell you how many Hashes you have done and let the whole hash know what a no life, sad person you really are! 

Just Don't call me Shirley - Just don't ask him to sing, he never knows the words, or the tune and will never stop! Please singalong "Why was he born so beautiful, why was he born at all ....."

Skid Marc - This smooth legged FRB (Front Running Bastard!) is the one to beat!  Make sure he is obeyed or prepare to  face the consequences!

Diesel Dyke - Don't let this quiet Harriet fill up your car, she doesn't know the difference between Gasolina & Gasoleo!

Deputy RA

​​GM (Grand mattress)

​​The drinking club with a running problem in the Algarve, Portugal

Hash stats

Song meister

Birdwoman - Our GM and group leader!  Tiny as a little bird she surrounds herself with feathered friends!

Breaking Glass - His Hash Name should have been Breaking Rules because that's all he does. He also breaks confidences so never tell him a thing!

deputy GM

RA (religious advisor)

Algarve Hash House Harriers

Bravetart - This feisty Scot walks so fast she too can be labelled a FRB, with the "B" standing for another word entirely!!



the algarve has beautiful hills, villages, beaches, trails, and beer! joining The algarve hash house harriers lets you experience all this weekly as we walk, run and drink our way through this scenic land. we gather on monday evenings in summer (May to September) and sunday afternoons in winter (october to April).  click here to see where our next hash is being held, let us know you are coming, and then show up and be ready for some fun & frivolity & BEER!