Whether along country lanes, cliffs by the sea or some historic village, you are guaranteed views on every Algarve hash.

Each week a member elects to be a "hare" and host a hash for the rest of us. The hare lays out a secret trail marked by chalk or flour with devious false trails and various pitfalls. The rest of us show up at the appointed time and place and begin drinking beer and socializing. 

After being yelled at to come to order, the group is given some general pointers about the trail and then sent on it's way. Half way through the trail, if you make it, will be a Beer Stop, where more beer and snacks are consumed. 

For those who make it to the end of the trail, the fun begins with a call to order and the Hash Circle is formed. The cruel GM (Grand Mattress) will begin calling out members for various infractions observed during the hash who are then required to drink shots of beer called down-downs. Singing and various accusations accompany the circle at any given time.

When the circle is closed, the hash is officially at an end and then everyone is fed a delicious gourmet meal of some unidentifiable thing or another. At this point we either ruminate about the day, pair up for consensual activities, pass out, or pass on.

If you like to walk, run, drink, and make a lot of new friends, all the while getting to experience the hidden gems of the Algarve countryside, then the Algarve Hash House Harriers may be the answer to your needs for adventure and for getting rid of that pesky sobriety of yours.

We meet every week to walk a new, mysterious trail. We're so sophisticated that every hash ends with a gourmet meal prepared by the hare. So bring yourself (you don't need an invite) and just €5 and click here to see our our calendar for the latest hash and directions. If you could let us know you are coming we can make sure we have enough Beer and Food for you. See our Contact Details Page.  Please leave your furry friends at home, two legged participants only.  On On!

my story

​The drinking club with a running problem in the Algarve, Portugal

There are no rules! However, several hundred various things are frowned on and could entitle you to a penalty (usually beer). Too many to mention, but here are three examples of infractions and penalties:

  • If you are caught fouling the trail, you will drink a down-down. Please learn to control your bladder.
  • If you were foolish enough to wear new shoes to the hash, you will drink a down-down from your shoe

​Algarve Hash House Harriers

These lessons and more you will learn as you continue to hash. Never ask for Ice in your drink, you don't know where it has been!

And one day, if you have not yet been maimed or poisoned by our food or fallen off a cliff or have come to your senses and left the group, and if you have the fortitude to host a hash for the first time, we will christen you with your very own profane hash name and you will be in the hash fraternity forever. Your other reward is having beer and flour poured over your head while being anointed. What more could you ask for in life? 

In general, a bunch of hedonists, two confirmed naturists, several exhibitionists, many unconfirmed degenerates, several upright virile gentlemen, and plenty of babes.